Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Finished and playing in PhotoShop

Her hair is styled.  Kept it simple as this yarn was very limp, just added small bows and flowers at the sides.  As I looked at her face, I realized how unsymmetrical her features are, especially her mouth.  I love to play in Photoshop so decided to see how she would look if her features were perfectly symmetrical.   I do this with my drawn faces when I print them out for multiple heads for special orders or classes where I make the heads and faces.  Interesting how different she looks and how different the emotion she exudes is!
 Right Side cloned.  Sad eyes but slight smile and her nose bridge is wide!

Left side Cloned, wide mouth, still sad eyes but better nose.  And here is one with the face flipped.  WOW!  I do look at the faces in the mirrow, but must be my stigmatism!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Using Leftover Hoffman Challenge Fabric

The pink of her dress is one of the coordinates.  Have a friend having a baby, thought I would make something for the big sister. Her dress is the Hoffman Fabric.  Deciding on her hair.  This is my Lady
Ragalia pattern.  I know which hair I like best.  Her apron is a pink Polka dot that goes perfectly with the dress fabric.  Lots of eyelet trim.  The flower trim down the center and around the neck is from Ribbonsmyth. and one of my favorites.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Pendants and finished doll

First I received an order of new releases from Sizzix that included this wonderful SeaHorse Die.  I did the same with this as I did with the Dress Form and made a mold.  I also covered some chipboard with metal tape and created another one with that method.  All the charms on these except the large dangle (which is made from base bezel and glass insert from Crafttastic.com) on the Golden Seahorse are from CJS and colored with variouse mediums including Gilders paste.  The charms are hanging from an earing ring!  These two are also colored with Interference colors so they shimmer.  The clay on the left shrunk a bit so the chipboard backing shows a little but I colored it with markers and added some dimentional paint so he looks outlines in black.

I also finished my Selfie doll.   She is dressed in a replica of one of my favorite dresses my mother made for me when I was about 7.  It was purple with collar, cuffs, bias trim on the skirt, and an under skirt of a large purple gingham check.  It also had a large bow in back.  I took some liberties with the design as I had limited check fabric and locally couldn't source any purple gingham!  I remember I used to hold the tails of the bow and swing back and forth so the skirt swished.  My Mother made me such beautiful dresses.  She is 93 and starting to lose her memory and I have been involving her to remember the dresses and sketching as we talk.  She is made from the Style design.  I needed to test the face again and of course blew out an area being in a hurry so I did a clay over and took lots of pics so will probably include that if it does become a pattern.  I also made her able to stand without a base.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another OOOPs Face

One more face before I decide which one to use in the In Her Own Style pattern.  Since I had my mind on a Clay over face, I wasn't careful and blew out the filtrum.  Sooooo did some needle sculpting and the clay over thing.  I am going to use this face for the Self Portrait Challenge over on Doll Street.  Here is the finished face and following is the needle sculpted OOOPs head.  Think I am going to use the original face in the pattern.  Really love her pointed chin.  Thought it was too large, but the more I look at it, the more I like it.  The last pic is the one I am using for the self portrait though I wanted a pic of me around 7 and in this pic I was 3 so I elongated her nose a bit and thinned the lips. I also used fabric medium on the face before coloring.  Not happy with that either.  No pilling, but the colors really just don't look the way I want.  I tried just spraying with Krylon Matte clear, but the fabric still pilled.  Oh well, I still haven't tried gel medium. I am dressing her in a purple dress with a print underskirt and trim.  It is exactly as I remember it - being one of my favorites.  My Mother made it for me as she did just about ALL of my clothes until I was maybe 9-10 when I started sewing my own.  Can't wait to tackle that hair do!  If I try to reproduce how I wore my hair when I was 6, it would be frizz because my mother always gave me a perm to combat my straight straight hair and tons of cowlicks!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Being Productive

My friend Colleen is doing wonderful things with Charms.  She is using diecuts for patterns and I thought of another method.  I just love the mini DressForm die by Sizzix and thought of using that to make a mold of sorts - I 'm not very good at cutting clay though I do have the tools!  I figured I could place the mold on an embossing folder and press the clay into it.  Actually it worked pretty good.  Need to refine the process a bit. Love how the dress came out. It's more a pendant than a charm.  The drop pearls are from Vickie's and my treasure hunt at CJS in NYC.  Going back Tuesday for more!

I also got a wonderful free purse pattern from Craftsy.  I need a large purse to carry my iPad in and I have had this wonderful piece of purple drapery fabric hanging around for a year or so waiting to become a purse.  Here are pics of the finished bag.  I added pockets inside, a stiff base in the bottom, and pleats in the front and back.  It was a little too large but the pleats were just the trick.  The ornaments in the center front and back are again from our trip to NYC.  The buttons on the Straps were in a button tin gifted to me by Mrs. Youngman, my SIL's Mother.  They were very tarnished to the point I didn't know what color the metal was.  But a little patina and gilders paste and they are Perfect!  Now to go out and it give a test drive!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Another Little Witch

I made another witch from my Year of the Witch Pattern. I had the head in my box-o-heads for a while.  Forgot why I made it originally.  This was for a challenge in the CDA-Cloth Dolls group on Facebook.  We had to make a Weather Witch using a pattern that we modified.  So I used my own pattern which is actually a little rag doll type and made her with armatured arms, legs and body so she can stand alone.  I thought I would go with Rainbow Witch.  For her arms and legs, I took some white on white print fabric and added color with Ranger Distress Stains to the wrong side.  Here is a pic of the fabric still wet, and the sewn arms and legs. I used distress Markers to color the flowers on the lace trim and Stickles Glitter Glue to add color to the flower trim around her neck.  I also made an insane splurge!  The yarn for her hair is 100% Kid wool with these tiny sequins in rainbow colors throughout.  Color was right, price not so much!  I must have been temporarily insane - it was $23 for a tiny ball!!!  But it looks perfect!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shopping Yesterday

Before Vickie Adams Brown and I went to see the Charles James Exhibit at the Met Mus of Art, we did a little shopping at CJS Sales, a whole sale warehouse for all sorts of beads, crystals, jewelry finding and chain.  The place is just JAM PACKED!!!  You could get lost in there for a week and not see all of it.  I found so many interesting things on the FLOOR!!!  My purchases:

Over View.  Cloissionne butterflies, sun charms, Star with moon charms, pointed stars, leaves with the most awesome patina, pearls (for eyes I'm thinking), pearl drops with wires, and beaded necklace that I plan to deconstruct for the awesome beads.  There are metal shapes in the upper left that have a cool patina on them too.  I tried them in my Sizzix, but they are too thick to emboss.  Will add words with my mallet and letters.

These are metal pansies.  Three different sizes, some are enameled, some are just gold.  All have rings that can be used for chains, dangles, whatever but they can also be cut off.  Love these.  Can't wait to play with Ranger Patinas on them.  Very detailed.

All of these strange charms came in one bag.  I really love the horse, had, little violin, the starburst, so many buttons!  I saw only the violin and the hat in the bag.  The rest are a very pleasant surprise!
I got a bag of these lucite buttons.  They don't have Rhinestones in them, it is an illusion but they chould be added.  Swarski Crystals would work too.  I added alcohol ink .  The pink on the left has the ink applied to the BACK!!!!  How cool is that!  The dark pink has a heavy coat on the front.  The turquoise has a light watered down coat on the front.  Oh the possibilities.  I see these as flower centers among other things.  The people there, especially Kim, were just wonderful - giving everyone a guided tour of what was where.  They also offered water and a cloth shopping bag to drag the loot home!  Looking forward to going back.