Saturday, March 24, 2018

My Sun Book Completed

Just realized I posted pics of the backgrounds I created with Gelatos for this book but never posted the finished book!  So here it is. The book measure 6" x 6".

Book Cover.   The sun is a lucite button colored with Alcohol inks on a piece of dyed crochet from a tablecloth that belonged to my Mother.  The sky is layers of pleated sheer fabric with embroidery.The door on the dimsional house opens to show a couple kissing. The little people were cut from a die and trimmed to look like men and women.  They have pearl faces.  The flowers are rolled ribbon roses.
Inside front Cover.  Lots of embroidery and beads
Corona is hand dyed cheesecloth.  Face is hand drawn.  Again
lots of beading.

Window is die cut and stitched in place as is the bird house. 
The pots and vases are die cut.  The bird is a found piece of
jewelry and the cat is a find from CJS in NY.

The sun background was created with a stencil and molding
paste on sheer fabric.  It was colored with Gelatos and
Inks.  Lots of beading.

This sun was created with lots of layers of sheer fabrics
with embroidery and sequins added.

The center of this sun was created by gathering rows of
ruffle ribbon to form a flower.  The base is a piece of
Crochet from an old tablecloth of my Mother's. 
Finished with lots of pearls colored with Alcohol Inks.

Back Cover.  Houses are die cut.  Moon is an original drawing. 
Lots of sequin starts, beads, and silk ribbon roses.

Binding.  I added rings to the page edges then strung ribbon and \
beads through to create the binding.  Here, you can see the
dimension on the hose on the front cover.

Exhibit At Belmar Arts Center, Belmar, NJ

For the past few weeks I have had the honor of displaying some of my book related in the Book Art Exhibit at the  Belmar Arts Center.  It was a small but very comprehensive exibit with lots of variety in media and execution.  I didn't take pics of others' artwork, but did get some of mine.  I entered My doll, The Scholar (holding books), and three of my handmade books, the Sun Book, Rust Book 2 and It's a Beautiful Day.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Latest doll

I am participating in a Gallery show and sale in October.  I had a doll kicking around in my head and thought she would be perfect for the display.  I have finally finished her after tweaking her twice 0 once for her hair and second and finally for her face.  I kept looking at her and felt she really wasn't done.  She has a really wide ridiculous smile.  Finally it hit me - she looks like the sister from another mother of Alfred E. Newman!  So her final touches were freckles and a chipped front tooth.  NOW she is DONE!

Originally called "Bad Dog!", I got the idea from my Diva who has a large bear she likes to toss around.  We expect body parts to fall off it any moment she is so rough with it!  But so far so good.    Here is a closeup of her modified face.

I also decided to make new and different tags for my dolls.  I am making them based on my small books (a couple posts ago) with pics of the doll's face in a Cabochon on the front and the doll's story on an accordian fold pull out in lieu of pages in the book.

The show is at the Art of Toys, 1126 18th St, Sacramento, California.  Looking forward to the show though I won't be able to go .

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wonderland Remembered

I finally finished the doll I started while teaching.  I added a top hat, rabbit, a white rose partially painted red and of course the caterpillar!  I also rearranged the leaves a bit and added a wooden base to make room for the caterpillar.

I need to thank my former college roommate Chrissy for helping name her.  I think the name fits.

I also finished the new version of the Red Queen -"I told you Red Roses!"  The little card person under her foot was suggested by my friend Diane.  I thought it was a bit sadistic and was going to put a white rose but there it is!  This is the same doll as ZombiElla but different post and a few changes to the costume - no peplum on the corset.  Embroidered curtain sheer for her over skirt and blouse.  Her underskirt was a lovely red slinky dress I made about 30 years ago that I have finally realized I will NEVER fit into again!  I was going to teach this out in Albuquerque at the Enchanted Doll Conference in July but unfortunately the conference was canceled.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Completed Fairy Book

Back Cover
Front Cover

Spring Pages

Summer Pages

Autumn Pages

Winter Pages

Paper bead and Pearl Binding

Forgot to post the finished book!

Projects in process

I started this doll as a class sample to shoe how I combined the vintage linens and also demo the cloth over clay over cloth head.  It appears since she is dressed in blue she must be Alice. I built her a chair from a plastic jar of sorts.  Covered it in some scraps from one of my tree dolls and added a branch from my yard.  Leaves are sheer fabrics and others cut from a plastic odd bottle and embossed.  She still needs a rabbit, a top hat and maybe a caterpillar.

I also started another cloth book.  I sketched out the pages a few days ago after I finished the Fairy Book.  The subject of this book will be the Sun and will actually contain words I think.  Today I created the pages using a vintage cotton percale pillow case and gelatos.  They colors are wonderful and they are drying with interesting textures.  I like that I can go back and add spritches of water and the color will move again.  Wanted to simulate the sky at different times of the day. Here are the pages.  I made some extra because I do that!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Mini Books

I have been making mini books as accessories for my dolls, specifically my latest, The Scholar.  I received many inquiries on how to make the book so I have put together a short tutorial.  These books are of various sizes.  The covers are fabric scraps, the pages cut from one sheet of 9" x 12" construction paper.  I further enhanced the books the Scholar is holding with labels, stamps, and stickers. 

 Here is the brief tutorial:
Create the signatures:  This book measures approximately 1 3/4" x 2 1/8" finished.  I cut a sheet of 9" x 12" construction paper into 18  3" x 2" Pieces.  Fold each piece in half as shown to form 2" x 1 1/2" pages.  

Stack the signatures matching the folds.
Clamp all the signatures together and spread glue over the folds.  Set aside to dry.
NOTE:  The pics of the covers shown below are for a different size book.  The pages for this green book were cut 3" x 2 1/2".  Measurements for the covers are 1 5/8" x 2 5/8".  The spine is 1/2" x 2 5/8". The cover chipboard for the purple book was cut 1 5/8" x 2 1/8", spine 1/2" x 2 1/8".  The chipboard for the covers is abut 1/8" larger than the folded signature.

Arrange the chipboard pieces as shown on a piece of fabric of your choice preferably a cotton quilt type fabric..     The spaces between the covers and the spine should be 2 chipboard widths thick-about 1/8".  Glue them to the fabric.  You can also use fusible web.

Clip the corners as shown and apply glue to the fabric at the corners.  Fold the corners over the chipboard.
Glue the fabric to the chipboard as shown.  This is the inside of the book.
Outside of the book. 

Add more glue to the spine of the book block.
Center the book block on the spine and hold in place until it is stable then stand up the book and allow the glue to dry.
Cut a piece of end paper the width of the pages and long enough to go from the cover edge to the end of the first page.  For the end papers I used printed typing paper I created from scanning Gelli Plate prints.  I also used thin mulberry paper.  Use a thin paper to avoid bulk so you will not have a problem closing the book.  Apply glue to the inside cover and the first page.  Carefully set the end paper over the cover leaving a small reveal around the top, bottom and outer edge.  Smooth it into the spine and then onto the page.matching the side edges.  Trim any excess end paper.

Repeat for other cover.
Finished book!
The orange book and the black with stars book are the same size.- 1 3/4" x 2 1/4" finished.  The remaining two are also the same size 2 1/2" x 1 3/4" though the green is slightly longer.  I designed the books around the size of the pages I could get from a single sheet of construction paper with the least amount of waste.  They are perfect for doll accessories!