Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scrapbook Show Toys

Last Saturday I went to the Scrapbook show in Oaks Pa.  Of course I bought some Sizzix dies and I also got some bezels with glass pieces that fit in them.  I was playing with one and wanted to try a piece of water color paper I created on my Gelli Plate.  I colored the bezel with Gilders Paste.  Here are pics of the bezel and the parts.  First is on the paper with the completed bezel, second is the back so you can see what a difference the gilders paste makes!  I did paint the inside of the bezel and the top rim with Viva Decor Precious Gold Blackberry.

I also bought a Sizzix insert die (half price) for the Bigz XL pop-up card base.  I needed a card for a bridal shower, so made this.  Went together pretty quickly too!  The Forever is floating thanks to a piece of thick clear packaging plastic. I used purchased patterned paper which was perfect!  The flower print fell perfectly at the bottom front of the card.  I had to put the writing sideways inside, but I have since stamped and embossed Congratulations on the card bottom in the correct direction. The hearts and floral border are Martha Stewart punches.  Also used one of her flower punches for the flower layers, the tiny center flowers and the ones on the cover are from a Fiskars punch.  Lots of lovely little pearls in a very vintage beige I also got at the show.  Haven't had much creative time these days.  Been working on my Hoffman Doll.  Lots of sketches, none I'm loving.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Another Pop-Up Box Card

Made this for a friend who was ill, but by the time I finished it, she was well and back to work!  Oh well, will give it to her next weekend when we go to the Scrapbook show in Pa.  Used Double sided paper for the box part.  Had enough to cover the flaps, but decided to used a matching solid I embossed, inked, and rubbed with Inca Gold colors to panel the bottom.  Used lots of punches and dies. Very Springy!  Currently working on my Hoffman Challenge Doll but also have to fit in a Bridal Shower card.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I think he is DONE!!!

I am always fussing over the finishing touches on all my dolls, but I think I have finished him and his pet dog.  Still mulling over a name though I have decided the dog is a bird dog named King.  He is taking time to walk his dog, looking at his pocket watch.  May give him a cane to hang on his wrist.  Added the bird to King's crown.  Did you notice the little blue jay tucked in below the feathers on his hat?  He is 24", next will be a 19" but not a cat.

Finishing touches

The spats are on!  King gets a new crown though I think he needs a bird on top because he really should be a bird dog.  He also has a name tag though it's a little big.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

More progress - he is standing!

He is now attached to the base.  He still needs a cane, spats, and oh yeah his Tail!!!!  Tail fabric is ready to go but watching my grand son sleep right now so no access to a sewing machine.  The dog needs his collar, chain and he also is getting a crown,
Tail Fabric.  The spats will be made from the fingers of a beautiful leather glove my dear friend Victoria Adams Brown gave me.  Love the seams are in the right place!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

He now has a pet dog...

Ok. I am the first to admit I don't know what I was doing and still don't but if it looks like a dog...well maybe almost like a horse but Mr. cat now has a pet dog.  Going to have to try making a few more before I can actually write directions.  I started with a wire armature then covered it in felt then needle felted wool on.   Think version 2will have a much smaller armature maybe just the legs and the body shape will be something that I can actually needle felt into!  I forgot all about the owl class I took but then that was 1/4 the size of this.  He comes almost to Mr. cat's thigh and he is a 24" version.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Making progress

Here he is with head attached and partially dressed.  The hat is hor size only, I will be constructing one slightly doffereng in shape.  Hia pants have a satin stripe down the outside of the leg.  His bow tie needs to be cut.  Buttons need to go on his vest and cuffs and the the final piece, his jacket which will have tails besides his own!