Thursday, July 2, 2015

Long time no Post

It has been a long time since I posted.  Lots happening but sadly nothing associated with dolls or art.  I did finish my Hoffman Doll, though I think I need to change his base-makes him slightly over 18" (1/4" over).  I wasn't too inspired by this fabric at first, drew 2 sketches that were OK but not OOOH I gotta make that!  Then I got an idea and ran with it.  Another Man.  I haven't named him yet, maybe "the Emporer's Treasurer"?  The Happy Emporer? Here are front and back views.  I used lots of gold coins - the kind used on belly dancer costumes.  I repressed them to give them different designs since they had greek/roman heads on them.  Totally unsuitable.  I also aged them with Ranger Patinas, Viva Decor Inca Gold, and Gilders Paste.

More pics, his head close-up and the original sketch.  I am heading off to Las Vegas tomorrow and will be there until Wednesday - or at least close.  My Husband is doing the Spring Hill Driving School.  I'm planning on spending time at the Bellagio to see the Chuhuli glass pieces.  Love his work. Also looking forward to the fireworks as I am sure there will be plenty.  I will also be at Spring Mountain - bringing my sketchbook, iPod, iPad with 400 books so I think I will keep busy. Will mail him when I get back after I change the base.

Hope everyone has a safe and joyful July 4th.  I am thankful for the freedoms we are celebrating thanks to the bravery and forethought of our founding fathers.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


I seem to have caught a spring cold so I am home taking it east, no visit to my Dad which saddens me but I don't want to spread germs!  So this afternoon, I thought I would play with some beads.  A good friend has a book out of beaded rings.  I don't wear rings but haven't beaded in quite awhile, so thought I would give it a whirl.  All I can say is I finished it!  Here is a pic of the book by Giovanna Fuime followed by my ring.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Elven Flora is Done

 Elf Flora Done.  I gave her false eyelashes because I wasn't happy with her too wide open eyes and the green lashes just didn't stand out enough.

Progress on new Elf Flora

The Stitch-a-long with Flirty Flora is still ongoing on Facebook.  I am amazed at all the variety and overjoyed at how many are personalizing the pattern.  I made another Flora, this time with the petal skirt.  I wanted to start with plain fabrics and dyed them to suit.  I dyed the fabrics for the skirt layers then used Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels to add details. These started out as white fabrics.  Love how they turned out.  The green with the gold glitter directly behind the pink on the top also started life as a white fabric with the gold leaves.  I dyed it a light green.  I also dyed the fabric for her body a pale green and her hair.  I used ready made fabric for her shoes but altered it with matte medium, crackle paint and rubs.  I also used the green tulle for her underskirt from the bolt.  Her had is also hand dyed fabrics.  Here are prelim pics.

For her bodice and hat, I stitched petals on fabric.  For her hat, I used purple and pink fabrics, for her bodice i used a green batik and outlined the leaves in zigzag before cutting them out and adding glitter glue highlights.  I made 40 of them!  Locks of her hair drying, Pic of her with ears and her hat, and her shoes.

Finished pic later.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Flirty Flora debating who to throw that snow ball at!and great mail day!

First the mail.  I'm a cover girl!!!  How exciting!
This started as a class at the Artsy Soul, but we had to keep canceling so I submitted the pattern to SD&A and they published it.

I also finished the Flirty Flora for the stitch along which officially started yesterday.  Fabric choices are being shared and I haven't seen one I didn't want to do!  I am pleased with her though I think her skirt is too long so I already trimmed over an inch on her bottom slip but didn't take a new pic yet.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Doll! Finally!

DollMakers Journey is sponsoring a stitch along with my Flirty Flora Pattern on Facebook (page name is Doll Maker's Journey Work Along -Stephanie Novatski's Flirty Flora).  It starts officially March 1, but I thought I would get a head start.  I decided to make Flora a Snow Queen because of all the snow we have had, are having and will be having for like forever! Here she is in pieces so far.
I wanted her to white with shades of lavendar-grey.  Her legs are a grey petit floral print that I added an overlay of pearlescent sheer.  Here is how I did it.
First, I layed out the legs on a doubled piece of fabric to determine the size of the overlay I would need.  Then I cut a piece of the sheer the correct size, Placed it on the right side of the leg fabric, basted the two together down the center, refolded in half. laid out the pattern pieces again and sewed the legs.  The rest is done per the pattern.
Her body is a white with crystal/silver glitter, her arms are white and cream printed with glitter outlined leaves.  I used Pimatex cotton for the head and wondered why the shape was a little odd until I realized the fabric is preshrunk since it was prepared for dying.  I prefer the fabric straight off the bolt.  Oh well, hair hides LOTS!

I wanted her face to be very white so used cool colors for her shading - Blue, lavendar, Purple, Grey tones.  Her lips are pale pink with an over coloring of lavendar on the bottom and purple o the top lip.  Her lashes are done with blue ink.  I cut the hands out of the same fabric.  Haven't turned them yet.  Before I cut them out, I will take the largest turning tube I can and slide it up the fingers to stretch them as much as I can before I cut and turn them.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

DLP Journal Week 5

We were supposed to use papers that are used under other papers while we work.  Since I really don't do that much with paper, my supply is limited though I do have lots of paper towels I save when I am dying lace, ribbon, hair, fabrics, etc and have used these before.  the sky in this pic first layer is dyed paper towels.  I layered tissue paper over then stamped, stenciled, and rubbed more color on for the look I wanted.  The bottom is also what lies beneath - the subway with lots of graffiti.  I also added some on one of the buildings.  I think it is something the world needs now - Peace!  I am almost caught up on the journal, just one week behind and I think I can do that one tomorrow since it looks like we will be snowed in! AGAIN!  Started to get antsy to do a doll or two too!