Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Life Intervenes

Haven't posted because my little Diamond has been sick since Thursday night. She had Kennel Cough and being a new dog owner, I of course thought she was in grave danger. She would cough for over an hour at a time. The vet gave her meds which were almost impossible to get her to take. I tried crushing them up in a little of her food but she could tell they were there and refused to eat. Really had to hide them. Since she doesn't eat most treats, like cheese, bologna, banana, etc, this was the only way. I didn't want to use a "pill shooter" because I thought it may traumatize her. I also tried to put a pill down her throat, hold her mouth shut and rub her throat to make her swallow but she still spit it out! Yesterday she wouldn't eat anything and had a slight case of diahrea. I am happy to report she is doing better today--ate all her breakfast sans pills though.
I did get to the quilt show and saw my poor doll. Oh my! I can't believe how mis-shappen she was considering she has a full armature of double 16g wire! I did get a chance to straighten her out a bit--one leg was bent at a right angle at the ankle, her head was facing up, her arms and frog was against her chest. I think next year's doll will be Paverpoled! There were challenge dolls that were just spectacular! Makes me wonder how I got second place!
Hope to get some stitching in today. Have to finish my articles for the upcoming issue of CQMagonline. One of them is a no-sew CQ Doll.


Allison Ann Aller said...

These dolls are so!

Stephanie, those little pill shooters are so fast and easy, your precious Diamond will forget all about it in half a second.
What a cute dogie-wog!!!

Anonymous said...

Also, if you are worried about traumatizing your little girl, try embedding the tablet in a little butter, and popping down her throat. Follow it up with a small amount of a special treat your little girl likes. That way she will associate taking medication as a good thing. My Mum had a little Silky Terrier that had to have medication and he was a really fussy little chap. You may need someone to hold and sooth her while you give the medication. :)
Your dolls are gorgeous, too, by the way.... :) :) :)