Saturday, July 28, 2007

Using My Head

We may be visiting a cousin of my Husband's today--weather permitting. She just had her first grand-daughter (second GC) and I made a doll for her as a gift. I used the head I did when teaching the Conn class and my Lady Ragalia pattern. I also used fabrics and trims I had on hand--some I wouldn't normally use such as the fringe on her apron. Her dress is Hoffman Challenge fabric from 2005, her legs are a Hoffman Coordinate from this year, the tiny pompom trim on her shoes, her apron stripes and pantaloons are scraps from Citronella (another Ragalia doll and one of my favs), her hair is two yarns I bought awhile ago from the clearance bin. All of the ribbons and trims were given to me or purchased at flea markets. I dyed them with Dynaflow. I originally had intended to make her with lots of reds but I have NONE in my stash! Hmmm. All in all, I think she will be well received. Now on to the mermaids for that class.

Here is a pic of Citronella. I never did get a pic of her alone. Brought her to a class for show and tell right after I finished her and she sold. Here is a pic too of Sweet Pea. I sold her even before she was actually completed. I made her after I got the book Beaded Garden and just had to do all those beaded flowers. She is my favorite and I never did get a pic of her finished either--I added another layer of lime green lace to the sleeves and legs of the jumpsuit under the sheer embroidered ruffle.


Linda said...

I love these dolls. I just ordered the pattern! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration.

Tami said...

What colorful and fun looking dolls! I really like the colorful yarn hair. :-)

Clothmatters said...

Absolutely Beautiful Dolls! Everything about them is perfect. :)

Kat Lees said...

I love your sense of color and design. Your dolls really say something......lots of attitude.
Hugs, Kat Lees