Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh My!

Oh My! What wonderful comments for my White Kitty who is still un-named. I really appreciate all of them--especially loved the comparison to Joan Collins! You all humble me.

I know I should be cleaning off my table, but I just had to unpack my Embellisher and read the manual--which is all of about 5 pages in large print. Then one thing led to another and before you know it, I was working away. Last night I took a piece of collage fabric I did in teals when Colleen, Evelyn, and Tery were here for the weekend. Inspired by Colleen, I did lots of bobbin work paisleys. This morning I added fibers, fabric centers, and leaves cut on the Big Kick. These leaves were cut from "experiments": Painted and fused web and fiber fusion most with angelina. What I learned is the painted fused web eventhough it was fused to a sheer fabric, didn't stick unless it had angelina or other fibers in it also and boy does the applied fabric and fibers shrink up! I also wished this machine stopped in the needle up position. But other than that--lots of fun! Now to add beads and sequins. I'm adding pics of all the fabrics,(mine is on top, Colleen's in the center, Tery's on the bottom, and Evelyn's is the purse which she is going to hand embellish and bead) a close-up of Colleens, and my paisleys.


Noel said...

Looks like you have been having some fun with your new toy...lol!
All the pieces are beautiful. Thanks for sharing....I'm asking for one of these for Mother's Day!

Colleen said...

hey...that looks fantastic...is it free motion alone...or did you use the embellisher with colored fibers??? hmmmmm...if you free motioned alone...i salute you...and i guess i should change my threads a little more in my work...Am I a bit lazy ?!!! Yours is inspiring...i will do it!!! love colleen