Monday, June 9, 2008

Hoffman Doll Progress

I have been working diligently for the past week or so on my Hoffman Challenge doll--thought I should get it started so I am fitting it between dolls for classes and a commission piece. I used new wire for the armature. It is 16g stainless steel double hard. It makes a very sturdy doll though it does take a bit of muscle to bend. I don't think this doll will get crushed like One Kiss or Secret Garden. I had design issues with her dress and had to redo twice before I was happy. I also just couldn't get the head just right. I thought I could use the head with the suprised look, but I had to make the doll a little bigger than planned so that head was too small and try as I could, I just couldn't duplicate it--even after 3 tries!!! I decided to take one of the reject heads (no picture. Hmmmmm wonder why? NOT it was just tooo ugly) and put a skin over and set in eyes. If that didn't work, I was going to take another and add some clay and a skin over. I like this one though and I'm going to stop here - for now. So here is the line-up. In order, the original head a bit too small, reject #2 short stubby nose, reject #3 just not right and the nose underside has a "pimple", head #4 (done over reject head #1)with the set in eyes (plastic oval) and skin over. When I feel ambitious and after I get her done, I may try the clay on head #2.

After all the stress of making the heads, I decided I needed a doll break and also a new summer purse. Mine was wearing out and I happened to see some batik I really liked. This purse is actually two in one--I wanted to be able to carry my sketch book with me. Here is the larger of the purses. The clasp is made of grunge board painted and the edges distressed, the motif is done with a metal stencil and copper Embossing Paste, beaded and placed over frayed lame strips. I like using this board because it is flexible and I'm not concerned about it breaking and chipping. I think as I use it and it gets a little distressed, it'll look great. Not sure how it will wash!

Here is the smaller purse for my sketch book and other art stuff. The bag is machine quilted with metallic threads. I also painted the fabric with very diluted Lumierre Halo Gold, Green to give it a little sparkle. This clasp is made from fun foam heated and then stamped into. The stamp is from a block of wonderful deepcut square designs. The foam started out as grass green, then I painted it with metallic fuschia and highlighted the raised part very lightly with a gold leaf pen. There are two trims and a beaded fringe added as a base for the foam. Again, this is very flexible and won't dry out or chip. We'll see how long it lasts, but for now, I'm liking it!
Thanks to everyone who has such nice things to say about my faces. I think I had such a hard time with my Hoffman doll because I hadn't been practicing. Shame on me!!!! I'm going to start again. This week is the Quilt show and our doll club is going to have a display. Since I will be sitting guard most days, I'll have plenty of time to sketch. If you are at the show ( please stop and say hello.


Kathy said...

Love the purse! You sure come up with some unique projects.

Colleen said... go...stephanie!!!! i love it it...and the cool is that...gotta open my pack up!!! haha