Monday, March 2, 2009

Look What I Got!

One of my doll clubs had their "Christmas" exchange a couple weeks ago and I finally got the pics off my camera. Not part of the exchange, but as gifts for me from two of my favorite people, I received dolls from Tery (http"// her new blog) and Colleen. Tery's elf is made from a free pattern from Lotus Vela and he is just amazing. His clothes are very detailed - his belt buckle is made from grunge board!

Colleen is a master sculptor and her faces are perfection. She uses all these little details like the small jewel studded clay hearts all over her outfit, in the crown, and in her hand - a touch that I think is just wonderful. I am so thrilled to have had these two dolls made just for me.

This club chose to do my Barefoot Valentines pattern for the exchange. I was excited to see the imaginative things they did. Unforetunately due to the snow, not all the members came so only three of us exchanged. I received Deb's doll and was blown away by what she did - she added breasts, wrists, and a belly button to make this wonderful genie who is posed around her bottle. How cool is that!!!! Such talent here. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of Emily's doll, but it is on Colleen's blog. Another cutie!
My other doll club started doing the Barefoot Valentines at our club meeting last month so I sewed together parts to work on too. They were for my Summer Witch and today I finished her. Her skirt is from the fabric I won on I just love the colors. I also cut out some of the flowers and used them for her shoes and scattered on her skirt to add more dimension. Her bodice is a piece of Pansy printed fabric enhanced with dimensional paint. I then fussy cut some pansys to add sleeves and fill in any blanks areas. The bees, dragonflies and flowers on her hat are buttons I have had for years. I may make her a new hat because I think this one is a little small, but it is her summer hat. I just realized too I have to add her crystal moles on her face! See the dragonfly in her hand? got that idea from Colleen! Colleen also gifted me with the satin roses trimming her bloomers. Thanks again Colleen.


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie!
wonderful dolls! I always enjoy looking at your blog. Thank you for posting a picture of the Christmas elf.
Terry did a great job and I love her interpretation of my pattern. Thanks for the kudos! ; )
Take it easy
Lotus Vele

Sabii Wabii said...

What a cute doll! I love the colorful hair. Beautiful painting on the face.