Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Final Crown

I wasn't too happy with the crowns I made for the Sun Queen - they both were a little too heavy I think.  I tried to modify the sun but once I cut out the corona, it started to fall apart because it was too brittle.  I added a few crystals and a charm to the crystal crown but not really pleased.  When this happens, I go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.  I went through my lace drawer and found this piece of lace I thought would make an interesting crown.  It wasn't quite long enough, so I spliced a piece of another lace as a border.  It is light and open and regal looking IMHO.  It started life as off white so I painted it with some gold metallic dimensional paint.  It made the lace very stiff which was good but some of the white showed through so I added some gold metalic Alcohol ink.  Ok but didn't cover as well as I hoped so I got out the new Ranger Vintaj Patinas-cinnabar, agate and ochre.  Added some Perfect Pearls Sunshine while they were drying and WOW!  Looks like tarnished gold.  Added some flatback heat set crystals and a small sun charm and she likes it!  And so do I.  Now I guess I have to make dolls for the other two crowns.

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Leonie said...

I knew you'd come through Stephanie! Bravo! I'm glad you are happier with the crown - it does look lighter and very fitting for your beautiful Miss Sunshine!