Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spreading my Wings

Last Saturday I took a class at the Artsy Soul with Clay Artist Doreen Kassel.  Her small dolls and ornaments are just wonderful.  I don't work in clay - just can't stand the feel of it, but loved her dolls enough to be motivated to take the class.  It certainly was a learning experience for me learning what I can and can't do with clay (of course I was more in the can't do arena!) and Doreen was a patient and considerate teacher.  I did tell her I was Clay Challenged!  The head was sculped over a glass ornament.  I also had a calamity with my doll (so what else is new) which meant I didn't get the opportunity to finish her using the oils furnished by Doreen, so I improvised when I got her repaired at home.  I used Luminarte Perfect Pigment Acryllics which gave her a shimmer.  Considering her theme, I think this was appropriate.  I think I will try a clay project - maybe book covers - with polymer and oils. I named her "Lucy in disguise with Diamonds" originally but may change that to "Sunny disguised in the Stars".   I like the doll, may make it in cloth. I also included a pic of her without the mask too.


Rhissanna said...

She's very cute! I love the bright finish and yes, absolutely right for her. Was this a paper clay, air dry kind of thing? I love the idea of making it over a Christmas tree bauble! very clever *makes notes*

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh isn't she the cutest.