Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hoffman Challenge Inspiration

I have been working on my Hoffman Challenge Doll and she is for all intents and purposes done.  Just a few little tweaks here and there and she can be mailed.  I had wanted NOT to make a pretty doll this year but that didn't happen.  I wasn't that inspired by the fabric and didn't use it in any unique ways but she does reflect how I felt while I was making her.  You can see the challenge fabric on the Hoffman Challenge home page   I liked the ballet dress because it had many flowers and leaves trimming the front and sleeves and skirt top tier - there are many depicted in the challenge fabric.  I also had pictures from a 2011 Sunday New York Times Magazine that I just loved and thought they were good inspiration for her face and hair (though not as much as I thought!).  I then sketched a bit on my iPad with a new free app I found called Finger Sketch (my 3 yr old grandson LOVES it!).  So here are the preliminaries. I think the real challenge of the fabric is the color ways-gold, turquoise, green.  I would have liked to pull out the green more, but it was hard finding the embellishments I wanted in the right colors and I could not dye them although I tried.  Will post a pic of her tomorrow after I get a good shot.
The NYT issue NYT Style Issue Summer Fashion and BeautyApril 17, 2011, pages 68, 69, 72,73
Photographs by Richard Burbridge styled by Robbie Spencer and they are showcasing the jewels.

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