Monday, November 28, 2016

New Versions of Verna

Botanical Fairy

Verna was a doll I designed for the soon to be defunct Soft Dolls and Animals magazine.  I also taught this as a class.  I had a few of the kits left over so thought I would finish them - they were all presewed, just needed faces, jointing and costuming.  Since they were all of the same fabrics, I decided to paint over them in various colors of metallic paints.  The dolls are done, and I finally finished their perches (made from Coffee Creamer containers!) and they just need a bit of tweaking before I put them in my Etsy Shop.
Pics of the ladies, Dorothy with Toto, The clock Keeper, Botanical Fairy, and the Green Witch follow.

Green Witch

Dorothy and Toto On the Yellow Brick Road

Botanical Fairy
Green Witch

ClockKeeper's  Perch
Fairy's Perch

Dorothy's Perch from Eco Dyed and stenciled fabric

Witches Perch

Toto In Basket made from paper

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Shashi Nayagam said...

They turned out beautiful