Monday, January 2, 2017

Eco-dyed Fabrics

i saw pics of fabrics on FaceBook that were dyed using leaves and flowers!  I have lots of high count 100% cotton fabric and some old 600 count cotton sateen sheets that would be great to experiment on.  I did two trials.   Gathered leaves from my backyard and added a few blueberries and sprinkled of tumeric and cayenne.  Here are the results. Left is with Blueberries on Southern Belle natural cotton, second is with the tumeric, cayenne and no berries but leaves dipped in iron water, fabric a pale yellow green 600 ct egyptian sheet.  Fabric soaked in soda ash with  an iron blanket on both.

I have since made a few more using different mordants and copper water, boiling in a bath and also steaming for hours.  Have to admit like the steamed ones better.  The colors and leaf definitions are much finer.  Here are more pics.

Next post will show what I am doing with some of the fabric!

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