Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Thank you to Judith, Maryellen and Heera for your kind welcome! I have been doing some stitching on a CQ I have been working on for a few years--pieced a good part of it and decided to embellish with metallic threads. Got frustrated very quickly because they are so fragile. Last year I discovered "Creative Addiction" which sells threads mainly for machine use but using multiple strands for hand work is wonderful! I am also almost done with the pattern for "One Kiss is Not Enough". Just have the Frog to do. It is very detailed with about 40 pictures and 20+ pages of instructions. I also have to trace out the pattern sheets. Yikes! Maybe by Easter!!!


Heera said...

Your "kisser" is beautiful. I love her eyelashes and her shoes are to die for. Beautiful doll indeed.


Stephanie Novatski said...

Thanks Heera. Her shoes are painted then trims are added and her eyelashed are real!