Sunday, February 25, 2007

Update on One Kiss

I have been working dilligently on her. Her body is almost done--just have to attach her arms and hands and give her a face. I have finished her bloomers but have not attached them to her yet. I still have to add trim to her shoes. I have also started her skirt. I didn't like the applique stars, so cut out parts of the bodice fabric and appliqued them on. I think I will use glitter glue to highlight the swirls and stars. Also need to dye some trim for the bottom of the skirt. Orange I think. I am planning on using a yellow metallic on the bodice and peplum. I think she is going to look like she is ready for a square dance!


marianne said...

She is a star already. lol.
Which pattern are you using for the body? Looking forward to seeing the progress - still lurking around, not quite getting around to create a doll. (fellow member of the cloth doll group.)

Stephanie Novatski said...

Thanks Marianne. I am using my own pattern--this is a final test before I release it. I want to make sure the pattern is accurate. I also have someone else testing it. Can't wait to see what she does. She is VERY creative.