Thursday, August 23, 2007

Catching Up

First, thanks to all who had such nice things to say about The Secret Garden. She didn't win but she will be traveling. You can see the winners here http:// It appears the winner and I had similar visions. Congrats to all the winners. Can't wait to see next year's Challenge fabric.

Thanks also to Sharon and Sandi who nominated me for the Nice Matters award. That was VERY Sweet of you. I am so glad you enjoy reading my babble and I so enjoy the exchange of ideas.

This weekend on Saturday was Day With Dolls organized by Diane Kearny who did an OUTSTANDING job. There were about 60 people representing 5-6 doll clubs in the NY, NJ, Conn, an Pa areas. The show and tell was awesome--unfortunately my battery in my camera died after 1 pic! Also making an appearance were Mary Ann and Bonnie from Doll Maker's Journey who gave us an overview of some wonderful products, such as Paverpol, Apoxy Sculpt, Angelina fibers and film to name a few, and their applications. We had a table set up for lace dying and classes given in Armature building and creating faces with paperclay and cloth overlay. Just wonderful! Everyone had to make a "Who Am I" Doll Face pin and they were all wonderful. Here is a pic of mine which was the prototype. I put together all the kits.

I also finished the three mermaids who tentatively will be called Neptune's Daughters. I am really pleased with them and they got a good reception at DWD. Now to write the directions--yikes! I took over 500 pics!

Sunday I went with my dear friend to a Scrapbook show. I was looking for some interesting stamps and found some which, along with Li Hertzi's new book, inspired the following doll. The stamps for the head (above) were from Lost Coast Designs ( and the heart stamps were from Stamp Camp ( She was definitely outside the box for me but I was inspired by Li's book an I did enjoy making her. Her head can turn so I can change her face though I only beaded one with eyes open and the same face with eyes closed. I modified the stamp to make the eyes open.


Katie said...

I love that pin!

Linda said...

HI Stephanie,
Thanks for the soothing words on Pennsauken. It was a bit of a shock for all of us. Hopefully next Spring will be better.
I love the beading you've done with my stamps. I'll bookmark your blog and check back often.
Best wishes,
Lost Coast Designs

li said...

YEAH! I love her! I am so glad you like the book and that it nudged you out of your normal envelope! So Beautiful!

Sue B said...

Beautiful doll and I love that pin!