Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Little Buddy and Mermaid update

Here is a pic of my darling Diamond in her favorite position. I can't believe she is comfortable! It is in my studio in the corner of the loveseat and sofa. I have a soft rug down and she spends most of her time when not in my lap here. She is a little annoyed I bothered her to take the pic.

I have finished all three mermaids and also a shell chair. They will be an online course offered through http://www.fabricaddictions.com/ I am very excited about it. I am almost done writing lesson 1 of 5 (5 will be the chair). The student will have the option of which mermaid they want to make or take bits and mix and make their own. Will keep you posted when it is ready for prime time. I also hope to teach this live and in person. They are called Neptune's Daughters. Their names are AquaMarie (pictured in a previous post), Pearl, and Algea.


Kat Lees said...

These are just awesome Step, now lets see the rest of her.
I love your buddy, so cute....goodness me and those chairs are to die for. Pattern?????
Hugs, Kat Lees

Anonymous said...

is there a pattern for lady
ragalia and citronella? you
have a god given talent, wow
is there a pattern for the
outstanding chairs? i am a senior
citizen who plays with dolls.
thanks ramona rae

Vee said...

love your faces ....