Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rag Doll Swap

Because I am not busy enough ( DUH!!!), I decided to take part in the Rag doll swap on FOCD. My swap partner was none other than Teri Jones who has a wonderful book Easy to Make Dolls with Ninetheenth-Century Costumes (by G.P. Jones). It's a great book filled with wonderful dolls and costumes - very detailed and authentic. Her doll for me is just beautiful. She has removable clothes and is wearing boots (which are amazing!), bloomers, chemise, petticoat, skirt, bodice, and hat. Here are pics.

Here she is in her chemise and Petticoat which are separate. pieces. The chemise has tiny pin tucks! I know I didn't warn you there would be nudity, but here she is in her pantaloons and boots. Aren't they great???? Love all the little buttons.

Teri also sent with Aneilia Rose (what I named her) her pet cat and her toy doll. Aren't they just adorable?

Here is a close-up her her face. All the features are embroidered as is the hair. She is wearing a Poke bonnet which is reversible. I still marvel at all the little details.

Now I am going to post pics of the doll I sent to Teri which pales by comparison. Her clothes aren't removeable, but she does have articulated fingers and her own chair and is a thoroughly modern miss. She is also holding a small wrapped gift since she is dressed in her party best, but I failed to get a pic. I also didn't get a pic of her standing. Oh well. Per Teri, she said her name is Lacey Monique. She is made entirely from materials left over from other dolls. Her dress fabric was used on Gloe who appeared in Patti Culea's Creative Cloth Doll Couture Book. The legs on her chair were recycled from placques with wall pegs - they are the pegs. Her hair was left-over from a scarf I knit for my DIL.

The trims on her chair were left from items made for my stepson's wedding two years ago. The chair back is recycled Matte Board.

I really enjoyed making her. She is about 16" tall and has a flat weighted bottom so she can sit on a shelf or the chair easily. She also has a pancake face and body and half stuffed arms and legs. Her shoes are painted. I used her as a prototype for another pattern that hopefully will appear in the next issue of Soft Dolls and Animals.

I'll post when and if it is printed.

On a personal note, my Mother is making progress recouperating from her surgeries. However, my husband spent 5 days in the hospital for a kidney stone. He is home and is OK. Just some residual pain but not much. What a way to start retirement!!! He officially retired on August 29, 2008. So now I have two couch potatoes - my husband and my dog! She loves to sit on the couch and sprawl in front of the TV. His influence--not mine!

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