Thursday, October 30, 2008

Winter Tree Witch

First, thanks to all who commented on my Witches. I am having fun with these and plan on doing "Seasons of the Witch".
We had snow Monday! This inspired me to work on my Winter Witch. I admit, the body was done since I had first planned to use it for the Autumn Witch, but didn't like the blues. It worked perfect for this little lady.
Again, inspired by Colleen, I freemotioned her overskirt and underskirt with swirleys. I wanted her overskirt to look like a star. I also used markers to color the stripes and stars on her arms and legs. Her hat and shoes are this odd fabric I had in my stash - it is like patent leather only very thin and has a plastic coating over it. I think one of our doll club members got a bunch of different stuff from Annie Hesse when she moved from Connecticut to Kentucky. I'm probably way wrong but I'm glad I got to use it though it was hard to get the soles of the shoes to stick! Again, she is made from all stuff in my stash. Her bodice and collar were a large lace motif also a gift from a former doll club member, Bunny Goode. I really love this motif though the beads are only glued on and tend to fall off. I added dark highlights to the yarn for her hair after I wrapped it on a loom with an ink pad! Worked great. Now on to my list of things I HAVE to do then I can start on the spring and summer Witches.


kay susan said...

She's lovely. I like the hair and the skirt! I'm really enjoying these, waiting to see the next two!

Evelyn said...

Her hair looks frosty cold. Great choice for your winter witch.

Deb H said...

She is a beauty! Very clever with!
I love the free-motion tousches!

Woman Called Joyce said...

She is gorgeous! As are all your dolls! Excellent work!

Anonymous said...

Ok, this one is my fav so far. Just LOVE the color combinations. I am really loving this line, and your creativity with already gorgeous materials is amazing. Witches are very close to my heart, and making "Seasons of the Witch" makes more sense than you know, as modern witches live their lives and celebrate it according to the seasons. Keep them coming!
Blessings, Bonnie Lee Fontaine

Beth said...

Stephanie, your witches are lovely. Your Winter Tree Witch is both lovely and quite wise looking...just what you would expect for a witch representing the end of the year. Your faces are wonderful. Beth