Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Soprana Finished

Thanks for all the comments on the beginnings of Soprana. Thanks too for the hints and tips about the Shiva Paint Sticks. I think they have finally stopped rubbing off!
I also want to send BIG congrats to my friend Allie. Her quilt, Crazy for Flowers, won a second place in the Embellished Category. You can see her quilt here http://www.quilts.com/fqf08/enVivo/ Just scroll down.
I have finished New Soprana as she is another class sample. She went rather quickly I think because she has no legs and no armature except a piece of 12g aluminum in her tail. None of the embellishments use a sewing machine. I restrung the beaded trim because every other fringe had a red bead in it and I didn't like the red. I did the same thing on the original Soprana. I also doubled the fringe so it had more coverage so I didn't have enough left for the new doll so another reason to restring to redistribute it better.

I did the headband a little differently too. I had these great Puau shell pieces a friend sent me from Australia and I was actually able to drill a hole in them. After I got all the shells on her headband, I added some Gold Micro beads-thanks Tery! I also had some of these silver shells so on they went. I only had these three cloisonne fish left so that's all she got. I found the cloisonne starfish in my stash so she has a pet starfish and the blown glass fish went back in the box for now. It is very fragile. I painted the shell on her necklace with Krylon 14K gold pen. Love this pen. I looked for gold leaf at Michael's and AC Moore, but neither store had any. I'm going to try another location. Maybe they will have some though the pen worked really well.


Anonymous said...

She's absolutly gorgeous!!!!! Very very well done!

Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

She is Stunning! WOW!!!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Stephanie,

Wow, Soprana is Fantastic!
I love everything about her!
Keep up the wonderful work.

Norma S.

creativedawn said...

Stephanie....that is a stunner!!!! Gorgeous!!!


Linda Misa said...

yes, she is stunning Stephanie, just beautiful - kind regards, Linda.

Judi W. said...

she's exquisite!

Colleen said...

She is absolutely beautiful? I guess i better make a mermaid for class HUH!!??? I'm so excited!! See you next week...can you help me make my mermaid look like that!??? I will be asking a lot of questions!! hahaha love colleen

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!! Woww!!

Maria del valle