Monday, April 27, 2009

Stacy Clark Doll Exhibit

Ok. I have a little remiss in updating my blog lately so watch for a few posts. At the end of February, Colleen, Heidi, Tery, and I went to see an exhibit in Pennslyvania of dolls by a wonderful doll artist, Stacy Clark. More information can be found on my website but here are a few of her dolls to peak your interest.

I have also updated my etsy shop with a few more dolls for sale. Please take a look.

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Ree said...

Oh those dolls are wonderful! I always make sure to sneak a peak at your blog every so often to see if you have added any new pretties. =:o)

I am soooooooo smitten with Catiana! Dern this economy! If things were better I would snatch her up! She really is BEAUTIFUL!
Xoxoxxx Ree