Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Crash!

My computer died again - this time it was the power source and that meant a new computer. So now I am writing to you on my new laptop. Fortunately I was able to salvage the hard drive and get all my data - unlike last time!

I was away teaching at the EGA Metropolitan region Seminar. What a blast!!! I had a small class but all the ladies completed their dolls! How cool is that! Then the following week I accompanied my friend Vickie to Artistic Figures in Cloth in Ohio to help man her booth. We had such a great time and the dolls were exceptional to say the least!

Then to top off a near perfect few weeks, two friends from Texas, Barbara and Lynnis came to visit. Here they are arriving at the airport. We spent a day in New York hitting all the bead shops, trim shops including Tinsel Trading, and a few fabric stores. We also hit a few local fabric stores. Both Barbara and Lynnis left some of those Texas dollars here! We also had a little time to create. We made pendants from UTEE and Textiva. Here is Barbara's beauty with the grapes and here is Lynnis's with leaves. I also made one for me and one for Vickie but couldn't make up my mind which one she would like best so I gave her both. Then I found directions on UTube here for faux opals using glass but since I didn't have glass, I made a base from clay. Here are pics of my pendants. The opal one really looks like a real opal! Amazing!

I am working on my Hoffman Challenge doll and a new class for a tree doll using almost all recycled materials. Watch for the announcement soon!


Colleen said... did you do that "opaly" thing!!?? cool...i would like to make a crown out of clay look like that ...please!!!! the pendants are great...i love the wire and beads...something else that i'm "feeling" lately!!!! haha love colleen

Mary Louisa said...

I saw them at our last club meeting, and they are both great but I do like the one that looks like a Opal, very beautiful. Would like to learn how to make them, hint :~) Mary Lou

Allison Ann Aller said...

You have been having fun lately, Stephanie!
I can just imagine you gals set loose in NYC together...and Tinsel Trading is the best store on earth.

It's been too long since I checked in on you.... ;-) Allie

Barbara said...

What a fabulous time we had on our trip to the East Coast. I'm still looking through my wonderful purchases and unpacking. This was a dream vacation and I will always have great memories of the good times we had shopping and creating!

I've also found a recipe for crumb cake! I'm going to test it on my CQ group.

Check out my blog for a picture of Eddie and his beautiful corvette.


Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Wonderful stuff! don't you wish that all us charm makers could meet in person and create together? think how much we would learn.