Monday, June 8, 2009

Experimenting with Wool Roving

While at AFIC, we met a wonderful couple who raised sheep and sold the wool roving. The name of their company is Wooly Comforts. The colors were spectacular - very rich. We chatted during the slow times and got to know them a bit. The last day we were there, Nancy (I hope I remembered your name correctly!)brought in wool beads she had made the night before to use in a necklace. They were so pretty, I had to try them myself which I did while Barbara and Lynnis were here. They gave me great info - make the balls then string them in a stocking and through them into the washer and dryer. Worked great. Here is the necklace I made with them.

I attended a bridal shower yesterday and of course I had to make a purse for the bride. I found this beautiful embroidered and beaded tulle lace which had a scalloped edge that sortof mimicked the embellishment on her beautiful gown. I made a looped fringe on the bottom from beads and Austrian crystal drops and bicones. Subdued bling. I hope I got the color right - she said I did and she loved it!


Threads of Inspiration said...

Lovely purse and beads. I love the bright colors on the beads. Susan

Cathy K said...

Your necklace is fantastic. I'm just getting into playing with wool roving, so this is a great inspiration - Thanks! Love the purse, too. Hugs, Cathy K

Colleen said...

Stephanie..i love those roving Rond balls you made and the little spatklys you put on them......i have actaully bought books just for those instructions..never did it@!! Now i dont have to can tell me!!!

Colleen said...

Beautiful..really!!! I'm thinking you bought that gold piece...?! because if you told molded it with some new equipment you got...i'm just going to give it up!!!