Saturday, June 6, 2009

Charm Swap

Finally! The charms arrived from the Quilting Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors Charm Swap. I sent in 5 of these sun/moon charms (pictures are the front and back) and got back 5 amazing charms. Here they are.

This charm is copper with a clay overlay. Mine are so much larger (though they did just make the 1 1/2" limit) but this is just beautiful. I am very into copper.

This one is made from colored wire and is by Loretta Bolen. Just love it. The wire work is just perfect!

The blue of these beads is very intense. the charm was created by Lisa Dunlop.

This sweet felted wool charm is by Therese Henderson. This last little "clock" appears to be clear shrink plastic -Very Cool!! and was made by Mickey Michelle Davis.

These last two charms though not part of the swap were made by Colleen (her link is in my list of favorites). Forgive me Colleen, they were originally one charm but I like them as two. The picture of the cat is my cat doll. The back is really my favorite side!

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