Monday, July 20, 2009

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Just kidding! Though lately I have been working on two quilts and a few needlework projects. First the quilts. If you follow my blog, you saw a block I made last year for the "Art-Bra Ladies" quilt. Some of the blocks missed the deadline which pushed the construction back. Now however, it is done just in time for a big upcoming event which I will be talking about in the future when everything is finalized. This quilt's theme was Butterflies in spring colors. The blocks are all just stunning with lots of unique techniques and embellishments. Here is the finished quilt. It will hang at a cancer treatment center in New Hampshire. For close-ups of the blocks, visit Barbara's Flickr site. Barbara is also in the process of finishing up the 2009 quilt. You can see pics of the blocks for this quilt there too. It is so exciting to see all the blocks as they are being finished and even more exciting to see the finished quilt.

I also was involved in a quilt for our EGA Guild. We had a lecture and workshop with Beryl Taylor where the final product was an embellished heart. I then took those hearts (50 all together) and created a quilt to celebrate EGA's 50th anniversary, 1 heart for each year. The hearts were appliqued to pieces of silk. The borders and backing is all silk that I hand dyed. I am really pleased with the final project.
Big thanks to all the ADO participants who left such sweet comments about my mermaid. I must admit, I haven't had a chance to look at all the dolls and leave comments but the ones I did see were glorious. Hope you had time to enjoy them.

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