Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Thanks so much for the nice words about my Hoffman Challenge doll. I had a question from Judi W. about the sequins. Clear tinted AB sequins are clear but with a hint of color and with an irridescent finish so they really shimmer but blend at the same time. I used about 5 colors on the cape and zig-zag trim. I get almost all my sequins from Cartrights. I asked them if I could add a link to their site, http://www.ccartwright.com/ and they said yes and are offering my blog readers a 15% discount (use code novasblossoms) How cool is that! I also LOVE their flower sequins, circle, leaf, shell and matte finish. Hope you have fun shopping!

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creativedawn said...

WOW! The more I see of your doll, the more I see just why you won! This is sooooo FANTASTIC!!!!