Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Playing with some new toys

My local bead store recently received the new Sizzix/Vintaj embossing and etching folders.  I had to buy one of each and play with them a bit.  I decided to add some embossing powder but the color came out dark so I covered some of the pieces with white alcohol mixative and some with white paint.  I then added the colored AI to them and then covered the whole front with clear embossing powder.  While the embossing powder was soft, I set in some flat back crystals.  Now I need to read the tutorials to find out how to REALLY do it!  The charms on the left are done on Vintaj blanks.  I really love the etching die the clockface is from.  The tags on the right are brass I ordered from  I thought they were blank tags that were 50% off.  Imagine my surprise when I opened them and discovered they actually said 50% off on them!  Can't see it once it was embossed.  I really like the crisp image from the embossing folder. Easier to fill the crevices with embossing powders but I love the images on the etching folder - it also has a bird cage and bird.  I'm off the the bead store to buy some more blanks so I can play.  These are small - the rectangles are slightly more than 1" in length, the tags are slightly smaller.

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