Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th

I was going to post a pic of a doll I made dressed in Red/White/Blue but surprisingly I don't have one!  Guess I know what's next for Flirty Flora!  Instead, I think I'll post pics of two new Mermaids I made so I can refine the pattern and make it more complete when I teach the class in September.  After then, I will release it for sale.  I am thinking of calling them my Jersey Girls since I live in New Jersey and am about 3 miles inland from the ocean (as the crow flies) yet making the Mermaids is about as close as I get to sand and surf.  They are definetly Jersey Girls - they have big hair!  Kelp to the right has a tail made from the sleeve of a beaded dress I got for $5 from a thrift store.  The lime green beads are pearls that used to be white but with a little Jacquard Halo Blue paint and Adirondack Lettuce spray, they are now lime green.  Shelli is 22" from the end of her tail to the top of her head and Kelp is 17'.  Now to finish up the pattern then I can get back to the purse.  I think I worked out the design dilemna I was having.  We shall see! 
Thought I'd also share the sketch I did for my Hoffman Challenge doll.  Made some changes.  I mailed her off but I am superstitious and won't share any pics until after the judging.


Mary Ann said...

Both of them are beautiful:) I love mermaids. Your sketch looks lovely and I agree with you. I'm a bit superstitious over many things...LOL

Shashi Nayagam said...

Beautiful doll and I can't wait to see your hoffmann doll.