Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another project...

I really learned so much while in class at Create.  One thing was the use of watercolor paper for pages in a book (Leighanna Light's wonderful class)!  So, I have been playing with it and making little books.  I think they would make a fun class.  The book measures about 3" x 5", the cover is vintage (about 30+ yrs old linen with wool embroidery I think is Shiffili) fabric, the fly leaves are Mulberry paper, and there are 4 signatures created from watercolor paper that is inked, stenciled, and stamped with Distress inks and stains and clear gesso. Pictured is my third one - can't make just one!  Now to do something with the pages.  I'm thinking a flying or wings theme.   I made a rectangular shaped one (3" x 5") with Osnaburg covers embellished with embossed and colored soda can shapes.  Unforetunately, I didn't take a pic, but you can see it at the Artsy Soul in Manahawkin, NJ.  What do you think of this as a class?

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