Monday, May 20, 2013

Back From Kalamazoo

Linda, Nancy, Tammi, Me, Linda, Sue, Donna.  Samples infront of me.  LOVE all the variety. 
That's what this class was all about!

Back from teaching a wonderful group of ladies my latest doll which is tentatively titled the Queens though I may call it "Two Queens, A Witch and a Ghoul were talking"  Too long a title?  Here are pics from the class.
Left is Donna and her doll, dressed needing her head, hair and shoes, but beautiful!  Right is Nancy who is a new dollmaker and her gorgeous silver, pink Lavendar confection.  Almost all the fabrics were dyed including the feathers on her slip!

Sue on the Left with her lovely Sun queen.  Right is Linda with her awesome creation.  Though she didn't modify any fabrics, she did lots of layering.  Very Alexander McQueen!  For some reason I don't have pics of Linda and Tammi's dolls though I remember taking them.  May be on my iPad.

Here are some of the finished heads, Lots of steps to them and they all came out lovely.  We started with cloth, put a layer of paperclay to define the features, then fabric, then messy mix.  Linda and Tammi didn't finish thiers but they were looking very good!

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Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh these are fabulous dolls. Love them all and those faces are beautiful. You are an awesome teacher and artist