Friday, August 9, 2013


Ever do something and know as soon as you did it you shouldn't have????  I started to create a Merman using a head I had that I thought would make a great King Neptune.  I originally planned to submit him to the Mermaid Contest on DollStreet Dreamers.  As I was working on him, I figured I may as well use some more of the Hoffman Challenge fabric since it was still on my work table.  I finished him and decided to send him to the Hoffman Challenge but as soon as he was in the box and left at UPS I realized it was a BIG Mistake!  I KNEW he would not travel well and he didn't!  So he didn't make the cut and home he came.  Since the Doll Street Dreamers challenge states the doll must be made specifically for the challenge, I made another one - the Goth Mermaid I have been thinking of.  First a pic of King Neptune.  He came back with a bent crown and his trident missing points.  I was also afraid the clay pieces on the base would get destroyed.  Live and Learn!

So here are the piece parts I have been working on
for the Goth Mermaid.  The head was a reject head - I think I already blogged about that (I attached the back of the head upside down).  I added some Perfect Pearls Hematite Powder around her face and shadows to darken her up a bit.  I also created this armature/skeleton for her with wire and Apoxy Sculpt.  Should have made the center wire branch at the fluke for more stability when attached to the base.  Don't know if I can share pics yet.  Will if I can.

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{Daydreamer} said...

Sorry he got damaged, but he sure is an amazing piece of work!