Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Upcoming Class Advanture

Colleen (of the Artsy Soul) and I are going to do a class altering a book and creating a travel journal.  We are busy doing prework since the class runs only 2 hours and has about 30 students.  Here are some pice of class samples and prototypes.  They are covered with embossed printed paper that is highlighted with various shades of Inca Gold and sealed with crackle paint.  The medallions are cut from soda cans, letters from cardstock.  Each student will get a gold key charm, ribbon and another charm to embellish with.  Colleen came up with the idea of using paper.  She is SOOO talented and clever.  Love all the texture.  colleen made the one that says journey.  I made the caravan one for our planned trip next year though I am giving it to a friend who is going, and the small pink one is another sample to show colors - it is a small notebook I carry in my purse.  The students don't bring supplies-we need to supply everything so the project needs to be simple.  We are covering the inside covers with road maps.