Saturday, February 14, 2015

DLP Journal Week 5

We were supposed to use papers that are used under other papers while we work.  Since I really don't do that much with paper, my supply is limited though I do have lots of paper towels I save when I am dying lace, ribbon, hair, fabrics, etc and have used these before.  the sky in this pic first layer is dyed paper towels.  I layered tissue paper over then stamped, stenciled, and rubbed more color on for the look I wanted.  The bottom is also what lies beneath - the subway with lots of graffiti.  I also added some on one of the buildings.  I think it is something the world needs now - Peace!  I am almost caught up on the journal, just one week behind and I think I can do that one tomorrow since it looks like we will be snowed in! AGAIN!  Started to get antsy to do a doll or two too!

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