Saturday, August 8, 2015

Doings in my Garden

I have a small garden - two 4' x 8' raised beds.  I planted late-beginning of June and purchased the plants at a local farm.  I bought all  heirloom to make sure no GMOs and he said he didn't spray with any insecticides.  We used organic soil to fill the beds.  Next year, going to move the garden away from the tent garage and satellite dish (Huge old kind not in service except as an eyesore and topic of conversation) where it will get more sun.  I planted 4 eggplant, 2 cucumber, 2 sweet potato, 4 yukon gold potato, 2 san marzano hybrid tomatos, 4 pepper plants, and 8 heirloom tomatoes including Box Car Willie, Jersey Boy, and two others I never heard of.  So far they have all been great though right now lots of green slowly turning red.  About a dozen eggplant but none ready to pic, some hot peppers and cherry peppers but the red bells are slowly turning red hopefully before they rot! and lots of Cukes!  Forgot to put in Zucchini, next year.

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