Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day With Dolls 2015

What a day!!!!  It is so exhilirating to spend the day with a group of people with the same passion!  Above is pictured (top row L2R) Maria Quinones, Diane Kearney, Colleen Athens, Heather Brunner, Susan Ratti, seated, me, Linda Holsteadter, Diane Ignatowitz (forgive my spelling ladies!) from the former Garden State Doll Artisans doll club.  Miss that club but life got in the way it seems.  It was wonderful to be together again.  Heather and Maria gave wonderful tutorials and Colleen holds a mean mic!  A big thank you to  the 3D Doll Club of Mt. Vernon for all their hard work -  especially Gwen Jackson and Doris Sutton

Following are pictures of some of the great dolls from the gallery.  I tried to get the name tags in as much as a I could.  There are also pics from the doll contest, Mini Me.

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Shashi Nayagam said...

Looks like to had a wonderful day and what beautiful dolls to spend your day with.