Monday, October 17, 2016

A few More Recycle Dolls

This is another using lace doilies. I also constructed her teapot and cup from cipboard covered with fabric.  I named her "He/s Late Again!  Tea Anyone?"

This is "Spot on Dot".  I need to add a large dot to her base.  She is a cloth over head and all the dotted fabrics are from my scrap pile! Purse is more scraps, flowers are buttons.  Just had enough trim to do her ruffles!  it is laser cut velvet and I am pretty sure I got it on the now closed Fabric Outlet of PA.  Her hair is acryllic yarn I wrapped on knitting needles, dampened and then baked.  Shoes were from a piece of ribbon!

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Margaret Mifsud said...

Wow! Had a quick look through your blog and just love everything!! Would love to know how to make dolls like this! Your work is brilliant!