Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wonderland Remembered

I finally finished the doll I started while teaching.  I added a top hat, rabbit, a white rose partially painted red and of course the caterpillar!  I also rearranged the leaves a bit and added a wooden base to make room for the caterpillar.

I need to thank my former college roommate Chrissy for helping name her.  I think the name fits.

I also finished the new version of the Red Queen -"I told you Red Roses!"  The little card person under her foot was suggested by my friend Diane.  I thought it was a bit sadistic and was going to put a white rose but there it is!  This is the same doll as ZombiElla but different post and a few changes to the costume - no peplum on the corset.  Embroidered curtain sheer for her over skirt and blouse.  Her underskirt was a lovely red slinky dress I made about 30 years ago that I have finally realized I will NEVER fit into again!  I was going to teach this out in Albuquerque at the Enchanted Doll Conference in July but unfortunately the conference was canceled.

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