Monday, April 30, 2007

Almost there

Thanks Sherri and Allie for your kind words about this doll. Sorry Allie--I have a thing about sleeves so she got them. Demure??? Look where those flowers landed! LOL Not sure if I will give her a banner with something like "Joy" or "Welcome" , have her hold a heart with words like "Imagine" "Dream" hanging from it or leave her as is. May also add a beaded tassel to the bottom. Needs something. But other than that, she is done and ready to hang. I have decided she will be a gift to a very special person.
No more dolls until I clean my studio. I am hosting a doll class at the end of May. I am making progress--you can see most of the floor and part of the countertop.


Allison Ann Aller said...

She is utterly amazing...the sleeves look beautiful, and what you've done with the overskirt is mindblowing.
This is a rare work of art, Stephanie!

HElen said...

Beautiful doll! As all of your dolls!

Judi said...

She is just beautiful and I just love the colors.

Pat Winter said...

Steph, I love all of your dolls, but this one may be my fav. She looks like a fresh Spring walk through the garden. Beautiful and refreshing!