Friday, April 20, 2007

Art Bra Ladies Quilt

Well, the quilt is in the process of being constructed by the most talented and capable Allison Aller ( ) One of her quilts won the Crazy Quilt division of the $100,000 Challenge. Check out her blog to see the progress. The quilt will make it's debut at the Walnut Street Gallery in Perkasie, Pa on May 6th. I for one can't wait! (I know--I mentioned this before. Can you tell I am excited?) Once the quilt makes a few showings, it will be donated to a Breast Cancer treatment facility yet to be named. BIG Kudos go to Barbara Blankenship who organized this quilt. She also organized last years which is hanging at the Joe Arrington Cancer Center in Lubbock Texas. For pictures of the blocks from this year's quilt and last years, go to and . You can also see my two blocks for this year's quilt in an earlier post.
PS My doll Dances with Butterflies came in third in the National Dance Week Challenge. Don't know who won yet, but I really loved the little girls at the bar. SOOOOO Cute! Will post a link to the wining dolls when I know it.

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