Saturday, June 16, 2007

Class with Patti Culea

This has been the most wonderful few weeks. First a truly wonderful class with Marilyn Halcomb, then our sucessful exhibit at the quilt show and to top it off getting to meet and take a class with Patti Medaris Culea. Her books have made me the doll maker I am today. Her Creative Cloth Faces book made the "light go on" for me and faces. We did Viviana which included dyeing lace, stamping the body, creating the face, making toes, lots of beaded flowers, playing with Art Foam, heat set crystals, etc, etc, etc. A jam packed two days.

Picture at the end of day 1. Faces completed and bodies stamped, lace dyed.

Picture at the end of day 2 which was spent beading.

Picture of Patti and her "show and tell"

Picture of my doll Solara at the end of class.

Solara's shoes and pedicure. I didn't finish them in class. Decided to do the little suns on her shoes in lieu of flowers. She has heat set crystals on her toes and fingers.

Solara's face.

We all learned so much. Thank you Patti for making the class so special. If you haven't met Patti, she is a darling and very petite with the talent, patience, kindness and energy of a giant! Thank you too to the ladies who took the class. We all melded into a wonderful caring sharing group. Special thanks to Linda who secured the hall where the class was held. Everything was perfect--the space, the light, the access to a kitchen, water, etc and it was FREE!!!!


Beth H said...

Saw your post on Cloth Doll Making. Solara is gorgeous! Thanks for letting us take a peek.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Solara's big toes even bend inward like mine do ;-)...truly, the detail is amazing.
You gals look like you are having such a great time...

Colleen said...

I absolutely LOVE what you've done with Solara's shoes. Fantastic! I've really admired your dolls for a while (Goblin Princess and what I've seen featured in Soft Dolls and Animals) so I'm pleased as punch to have found your blog!

Heera said...

I love your new doll. Nice shoes too. Aren't Patti's classes just wonderful? You get to play with a lot of new stuff in her class.