Thursday, December 6, 2007

Finished another Gift!

First, thanks to Shashi, Judy, and Kay for the nice comments about my last post. Glad you like Madame Le Chat. The patterns have been shipped and should be available next week or so at Dollmakersjourney and Joggles.

My one doll club is doing a gift exchange and I decided to do a fabric/paper book. I did one of these a few months ago and one of the ladies just fell in love with it, so since I picked her name, I thought I would make one for her. Here are some pics--it has lots of interference powders and paints on it so it reflects light very strangely. The colors are really very muted. It is an accordian fold book. Here is the front. The first and last pages are the same background paper/fabric. The 4 middle pages are pastel colors. The name of the book is Heart Songs.

Closeup on the left of the front cover. On the right is the last page- Laughter and Joy. The words and small squares are from Model Magic by Crayola. The larger hearts are water soluble paper. Same lace on both. The background paper/fabric has pieces in caligraphy printed on the computer.

These are the first two pages, Friends with lace and butterfly embellishments, and Nature with tiles made from Model Magic and placed over ribbons. All the words are from Model Magic. Friends background is a very subtle paisley. Nature is shades of green. All the page blanks are finished with a coat of Iridescent Gel Medium.

Pages 3 and 4 are Love and Music. The heart is silk with bugle beads, the center hearts are from velum. The small dimensional hearts are velum also. The heart is over lace. The music was printed on the computer on cardstock and aged with gold paint and embossing powders. The ribbons were embroidered lines by machine and the notes were added with dimensional paint in pearl gold.

This is a view of the back of the book. All the backgrounds are from the same sheet of Paper/fabric. The entire book is bound in strips of sheer fabric that was rusted. The beads are also from fabric except the round ones on the very top. Each of the center motifs on the back pages are from water soluble paper.

Two from the back. The background squares are burnt silk with sheer ribbons over them.

Again, burnt silk background squares with water soluble paper motifs. These motifs were first painted to seal them then treated with pearlex powders and lumierre paints. The writing is more of the caligraphy I created by computer. It lists all the words in the book and many others of things that make your heart sing--like children, the ocean, a rainbow, etc.

Final back two pages. Hope she likes it. Not really doll related but I think I could have made two dolls in the time it took me to make this! I really did enjoy doing it. I am trying to limit my embellishments to fabric and fiber and move away from lots of papers.

Now on to the Pet ornies.


BumbleVee said...

I was thinking that as I admired every piece... what a lot of work!

It is lovely..

is it something you designed yourself..or are there classes for this sort of thing?

verobirdie said...

Really beautiful, and a lot of work!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Did you plan each page first or just create as you worked on them? Your friend is going to love this!

Shashi Nayagam said...

What awesome work!!

Ev said...

Wow! This piece is wonderful. Love all the techniques, texture and color palette. The recipient of this gift will love it, I'm sure.

Jules said...

Love this Stephanie! And, what a great job on Mary's quilt. Thanks so much for your time and talent finishing up that piece. Always enjoy your creative endeavors. I just love your Stephanie Face Pin...what fun! Your talent never ceases to amaze me - you inspire me to keep on truckin'