Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Doll Club Christmas Exchange

Friday we had our doll club Holiday Party and doll exchange. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating so half the members were unable to come. They will exchange dolls next month. We used the free "Sisters" or Napkin doll pattern by Judi Ward. What a joy it was to see all the interpretations! All were wonderful! Here are some pics. Dolls are by Maria, Margaret, Janice, Mary, Stephanie.
First pic is Janice with her doll made by Margaret. I've included a closeup - a little out of focus - of the face that Mary hand embroidered. Amazing! Next is Mary who received Janice's doll dressed in beautiful fabrics. Check out the shoes! Margaret is holding the doll I made. Jane is holding the doll she received made by Margaret. We had a wonderful time and it ended all too soon! Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday. Can't wait to get together again in January. I received Maria's beautiful doll with the awesome clay sculpted shoes. Jane's doll was received by Maria. Jane is a new dollmaker who didn't quite finish her but what she did have done was perfect! Should have a pic next year.


Deb H said...

They are all great, I just wish you had started with a picture of each doll maker holding her own doll! I got dizzy flipping up & down trying to figure out who made which! It's fun to see the doll-maker's own face & personality reflected in her creations.

They are all wonderful, but yours was my favorite before I knew who had made it!

Karen said...

I enjoy your blog very much and watching each doll you make. You are a fantastic artist.These dolls are all so cute and unique.

Sandi said...

Stephanie, the dolls are a knock-out. I love the silouette. Continue to have a beautiful doll filled year. You are a wonderful artist.

Colleen said...

Fantastic!!! was that my doll though!!? maybe you gave it to the wrong club??!! haha They are all beautiful...and why does marias doll look like maria???
I loved your doll...she was precious ..really even her little hands! Colleen

Carla said...

How precious they all are!