Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Dolls for Christmas Exchanges

I am lucky enough to belong to two wonderful doll clubs. I do everything I can to avoid missing meetings because it is so wonderful to spend the time with these exeptionnally talented and giving people. That also means I have to make two swap dolls for our holiday exchanges. Of course I can't show you pics of the dolls yet, but I can show parts. One of the clubs decided to make the "Napkin" doll - an exceptional free pattern offered by Judi Ward. I had lots of fun with this pattern and was determined to make her great shoes from a piece of hot pink "patent Leather" fabric I had in my stash. Colleen gave me these awesome irridescent papers and I used a dark pink one for the contrast on the shoes. And here is a pic of her face. I made her crown from lace, ric-rac, wire and beads.

The other doll club decided to use the pattern I developed for my witches but with a flat face. I feel like I rail-roaded them into using this pattern, but they said they really liked it. Can't wait to see what they do with it! I also made a Sugar Plum Fairy with the pattern for the exchange. Here is a pic of her face. I made the eyelashed from a piece of black organza though I don't think you can really see them in this pic.

I also made 2 witches for some very dear friends. One is a Dream Witch dressed in blues and blacks and embellished with lots of stars.
The other is a "Haute Couture" witch - dressed in her own eclectic style. Her hair is felted on and made from Lama hair given to me by Colleen. I twisted clumps together with angelina fibers to make the "locks". It took me hours but I think it was well worth it!


Guzzisue said...

as usual these are amazing-soo going to have to have a go at making a doll next year!!

Carla said...

You always make such pretty faces and dolls.

Clothmatters said...

Stephanie- I always enjoy visiting your blog to see your magnificient dolls. I especially like the pink ones! Exquisite work.

Colleen said...

hey stephanie!!!have been so busy lateley ..just got in to see all the new dolls..have you even walked diamond??!!! the SHOeS!!! wow you used the sparkle paper...I LOVE THEM!!! they look real! and the 2 new dolls...i especially love the one with the giant eyes!! Is that the one you are giving me the "code" for?? haha love colleen