Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Cloth over Head

First, thanks all for your wonderful comments on the doll and the new head. I figure if I recycle I can also replace (read shop!).

I have been working on a new class and just finished the head which again starts with a reject head. This head was one of 5 I made for my Hoffman Challenge doll, Ms. Peacock. The first head which I think was the best, was too small. Duh! This head had too short a nose and it was too turned up. Just wasn't happy with it. I am using polymer clay to build out the features. I wanted him to look old and sad/forlorn. Had trouble with the sketch, but I think the head came out OK. I'm including a process pic - half way in the sculpting process. I really like using the clay for a face like this - with exagerated features and deep creases. I find it easier to do than with just a fabric head including a stretchy fabric such as doe skin. I used a cotton/lycra blend slightly heavier than t-shirt knit. It is also a 4 way stretch fabric. I was foretunate to find this online at a clearance sale on and it came in this color. I haven't seen it since. The fabric I used on the previous cloth over head is another 4way stretch knit I found at a shop in Pennsylvania that buys out manufacturers and stores. It is applied wrong side out as the right side has a sprinkling of glitter on it. It also started life as white but since it was 95% cotton/5% lycra, it dyed great.
Well, that's 3 of those Ms. Peacock heads down, 1 to go. I used one on the final doll and gave it a cloth over with inset eyes. The too small head I will find a use for!


Sharon-NZ said...

Ohh I love it how clever, and he really does look as you wanted

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh wow this head is awesome!

Tracy said...

Hi Stephanie,

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fabricaddict said...

Hi Stephanie... your latest makes are truly wonderful.. I really love the way you have created this new head and think this is an awesome way to recycle unusable heads... Thank you so much for sharing
hugs Di

HElen said...

Amazing transformation, great head!