Sunday, August 23, 2009

After Doll Club

When I got home from Doll Club on Friday, I had lots of creative energy and after finishing my Pink Fairy Queen, I worked on some gifts. I made some clay cabachons for a class for my EGA guild. Another member is going to teach the beaded butterflies (and shells too) and I had done some for gifts so thought I would include them all in one pic. I just love doing these! Basic directions for the butterfly pins can be found in an article I wrote for CQMAG on line here for the basic beading and here for making the pins. I have changed the directions a bit though, I glue the entire back of the piece after beading and before cutting off the excess fabric. This keeps the beads in place for the most part if you happen to cut a thread. Also, sew the pin back to the felt before attaching it to the back to finish the pin. For the beaded cabachons, here are directions using clay faces. Once you have the beads around the face in place, the possibilities are endless! Apply the same changes as for the beaded butterflies. The one shown in the pic here are just different size loops layered around. This can also give the impression of flower petals if using just seed beads.
I also updated my website with more pics of my Hoffman Challenge doll.


Kaerie Faerie said...

those beaded pins are fabulous
thank you for sharing

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

Well, for someone who lost her mojo, you're doing fabulous! I wanted to congratulate you are on your Hoffman doll. The sheer amount of work involved is staggering. I understand about going two steps forward and one step back (sometimes one step forward and TWO steps back!), and I am thrilled you stuck with it. Just gorgeous!! These pins are fab too...I'll be following your links! Thank you! :o)