Saturday, August 22, 2009

August Doll Club

This month I thought we could use a break from working on our story book dolls so I put together a little fun project of making a paper doll ala Barbara Willis but using Venus from Botticelli's painting. I had to make a few changes in photoshop, but it was fun dressing and posing her. I made a sample for the meeting dressed in Victorian style. At the meeting I made mine a pink fairy queen. We didn't finish, but here are the ladies with their works in progress. First is Mary with her Project Runway Model in off the shoulder elegance. Next is Diane I who's elegant lady is dressed in silk and lace. Diane K's is in period dress. Jane's is modern hippie chic complete with a sort of marble tie die skirt. Maria doll sports a queenly back piece. Margaret's lovely lady is ready for an evening soiree.
I also had to include a picture of Diane K's wonderful clown. I just love the colors and her perfect hands and feet. She is from my pattern that was in SDA. In front of her is a small beautifully beaded doll that was her name pin at Day With Dolls.


Mary Louisa said...

I loved how you gave a little run down on each doll, just like real "Run Way" models :)
PS I finished my dragon. pic. on my blog.

Ree Medina said...

Oh what a fun day!!!