Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ms. Peacock makes it home!

Today I received Ms. Peacock, my 2008 Hoffman Challenge doll, home. She is really in pretty good shape - her hair, feather and flowers are a bit flattened but all her beading held up as did the boa. The large flower pot behind her became unscrewed even though it was held in with a 3/4" screw. If I do this again, I'll add some glue in the hole and on the bottom of the pot. She was also a bit crooked but there was a number tag pinned to the bottom. Once I removed that, she stood up pretty straight. I fixed the pot by just rescrewing it back in!

I also received my prize package from Sulky this week. What a bunch of fun things to play with. All the threads are beautiful and one of my favorite things is a rhinestone "I Love Sulky" pin!

I have also been meaning to share a pic of the spectacular prize package I received for Penny Bowles in the Penny Doll challenge. The package was put together by Kate Erback and she was so very generous. I love everythink in it and have started using some of the items. I think that cute little kimono will fit my Lady Ragalia. I have one made and will have to try it on. Thanks so much Kate!

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Colleen said...

You kill me!!! haha always winning prizes!! ok...Tyalor goes back to school tomorrow morning...i'm back in action!!! Love colleen