Monday, November 16, 2009

Life intervenes

I haven't been making dolls lately - or doing much of anything for that matter. I went for outpatient surgery on October 15th. The surgery was pretty routine and should have taken a little over an hour but I am anything but "routine" and it turned out to take over 4! I certainly disrupted the operating schedule that day! I did go home and after a few setbacks - like an infection - I am on the road to recovery. My surgeon told me it would take months for all to heal but I can drive and have started doing some needlework so all is well.

Some Doll Club members came to visit and brought lunch. They also brought a beautiful Journal that they made. The task was organized by Maria who also did all the planning and distribution of materials. I am still in awe of the beautiful artwork each one of these ladies did. I will treasure this gift always. Here is a pic of all of us with the journal, Dance of the Dolls. LtR: Maria, Mary, Me, Jane and Margaret. Maria did a page as well as the covers. Such talent! And I know how busy she is with her family so it makes it even more special. Here are the pages: First are the front and back covers, then Maria's page, Margaret's Page, Jane's Page, and Mary's page.

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Colleen said...

wow...the journal looks beautiful..i was supposed to be there the day they made them ...but it snowed! ugh! My page will be mailed this week....I think you can just "stick it in there!"