Monday, November 16, 2009

Doll Club Library Display

Our club has been working on a display for the library where we meet as a thank you for allowing us to use one of their rooms for our meetings. All the dolls were delivered and the window set up at the October meeting (which I missed due to my surgery). They did a wonderful job setting up the display with the library. Here are some pics. Here are Maria, Margaret, Jane and Mary infront of the window.

Margaret did two dolls - Amelia Bedelia and The QuiltMaker's Gift. The next doll is by Diane and illustrates the book Alice Grace (I think. ) These dolls are right on depicting the characters. Just amazing!
Mary's The Dragon Rider. A must see! She created her own dragon! My doll illustrating The Secret Garden is partially behind the dragon and the last is Maria's Little Mermaid. These dolls are complete sculpts in clay and are of the little mermaid and her grandmother. Just stunning! What a wonderful display. Can't wait to see it again. My husband and I stopped in for a few minutes after one of my Dr appointments but couldn't stay. Friday is doll club and I intend to take LOTS of pics!


Colleen said...

Every doll is fantastic...did the library people flip over this? I'm sure all of the children are really enjoying it! Cant wait to see them in person

paperpest said...

A great thank you from your club to the library. What an impressive display.

Mary Louisa said...

That is a nice picture of us, it is to bad that you were not able to be there also Stephanie .