Sunday, January 16, 2011


Something else I have completed in the past week are two hats for me of course! It has been so cold here and my daily coat doesn't have a hood so I decided I needed a cloche with a flower on the side. I was going to knit it, but decided crochet would be quicker and probably warmer. So, I used yarn I had on hand and improvised. Made the white one first, then the black since my coat is black. And boy are they warm! Te black one is a fuzzy yarn and a metallic yarn. The woven ribbons are crocheted with metallic yarn as is the flower. The white one is a fuzzy yarn and the flower and ribbon are ribbon yarn. I guess I should have written down the directions as I did them but each yarn worked up differently. They are both double crochet throughout.


Cheryl said...

Your hats are cute and look easy to make ,I love the flowers you crocheted for them, they also look very warm.

Beth said...

Great looking hats! I love that they are crochet; my favorite medium :-)


Colleen said... can do just about anything....cant you!?? They are very pretty and I especially like the black one...of course you could not just "crochete a hat"! you did a wearable work of art!!! you better make diamond a coat to match....YEA!!! how cool would that be? Love Colleen