Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recycled Santa

Recently I took part in a Santa challenge on one of the yahoo lists I belong to. We could use any pattern we wanted and one by Runo, Skinny Santa, was the challenge choice. I decided a day before to enter-I was cleaning and found a head that I could use - so I used the pattern and made the doll. Here is a pic of him. Once he was done, I liked the face, but it didn't suit the body and I wasn't happy with my choice of fabrics. And the head just didn't fit the body-too big and chubby cheeked! So, I decided to make a Santa body to match the head which was a practice head I made for "Grandma's Flying Lesson" by Marilyn Halcomb using the cloth over cloth technique. The head looked nothing like it does not - I resculpted it to make it more masculine and gave it more wrinkles and chubbier cheeks. Here is the remade doll with his new body, gloved hands and lace up boots. The remade Santa uses almost all recyled or reclaimed materials. The fur and doe suede boot fabric was from a vest I got at a thrift store. His Coat and pants were samples of upholstery fabrics from Crate and Barrel (gifts from my Step-son!) His body fabrics which can't be seen are drapery lining scraps. I had such fun making him, I thought of making him a pattern. I have designed a new head - still cloth over cloth but with eyes made from wooden beads and set in the head. Here is a preliminary pic of his beardless face and his gloved hand - though the newest Santa has black gloves (fabric left from Noira) but you can't see the details so this pic of from the Revamped Santa above. He will be wearing boots made from old black leather pants, suspenders, pants from a thrift store silk blouse and fur from a childs coat also from a thrift store. I must admit, I feel bad cutting these items up, but the coat was very stained and the blouse had holes in it. He stands alone and has a full armature made from 2 wire hangers. So far, so good, but still needs a little tweaking before he is ready for publication, so that means one more to make and I already know who it will be for. He will be dressed in felted wool fabric from an old jacket of mine.


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

You are so talented....absolutely gorgeous

Connie said...

I love your remade Santa. The cloth over face is wonderful. I am hoping to take a class on that technique soon. It would be nice to make faces with no seam on the front.

Pam said...

wow!I am so glad you showed both before and after pictures.It is fabulous that you used all those recycled things! Way to go! I think you are on to a great early start for next Christmas.I think it would make a great pattern.