Friday, January 21, 2011

Santa Progress

I finished prototype 1 of the Santa.I want to make his body plumper. I also made two heads - the first one was too big for the body but I think it would make a great King Neptune (even though he has brown eyes). His pants are from a silk blouse, his coat was made with scraps of panne velvet. I like a heavier fabric, so I fused a light weight crepe from another blouse (only 50c at the thrift shop and lots of large pieces!)to add body, keep the velvet from stretching, and make the inside pretty. Next version hopefully will be the last. I'm going to use purchased acryllic flat eyes this time so the pattern will have two versions of the cloth over with different ways to do the eyes. I may do a third head with painted eyes so there is no fussing with set-ins. This next one will use the fabric I felted. Here is a comparison of the two heads, the doll without his big coat and accessories (made from a xmas pics I deconstructed from an old wreath, his watch is a button and the watch chain is from a broken necklace, suspenders are ribbon), and finished. He is going to be a Hostess gift for a friend who has issues with getting a tree and decorations up for the holidays - LONG story! LOL
OOPs! forgot to give him eyebrows!


Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Hi Stephanie,he is a cute Santa .love your use of thrift store finds. Will you be teaching him? peace and Love Heather

Colleen said...

WOW beautiful face sculpting with the eyes....he is a really beautiful santa...and I like the "skinnie-ness" of him! (I know he is like that before he fattens up for christmas!) I also love that his santa outfit is different but his style still lets you know he is definately santa!!! bravo!!! Love Colleen